God Don't Like Ugly (Damagers PT. II) feat. Christine Ariya

by Foci

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I remember having a lunch meeting down in Old Town Pasadena one day and I was asked
You ready for me to be your manager
To really start making things happen for you? And I'm like yea but yet, K was the One booking studio time, K was the one still booking shows, so it made me wonder What does a manager really do?

Last night I walked up to the spot
It was a reunion seen my brotha Broadway my brotha aspect one brotha Klass one brotha 501 it was beautiful
But then I saw another brotha that used to ride for me

Verse 1
I got a love and hate relationship with this music
One moment it's good to me the next it's abusive
It's not the notes or the business it's because of people
People that you think you can trust to help you write your sequel
Like last night me and V at The Terrace
P A S A D E N A on my chest I'm wearing
Earlier seen snake eyes sitting in a car off Craig
In my mind I was like she buggin I needed Raid
Told Emani we looked at each other sideways
Hit up Sista Asia who told me let's make it all ok
First time I thought to reunite with the snake
Fast forward ours later when I seen Dzl's face
That was my dogg I missed him so I had to salutate
Wait why can't you even look me in my eyes straight
He pulled a envelope said sorry this is business
And then he served me papers with a lawsuit what is this

Hook (2x)
You're worth nothing
You're lways fronting
You're an ugly something
Because all of your lies

Verse 2
I told Vee let's go outside and slide to the side
Seen Asia again and was like i'm going to fight these lies
She told me some things I won't say because it ain't right
To reveal what was said in private but I know she'll ride
For me and not for the snake for whom I would've died
Just for the snake to see another day in their life
And everybody told me yo it's not a good look
Not only ugly but it all stinks of a crook
I didn't listen I should've read the entire book
Don't judge it by the cover but the summary could have you hooked
And hooked I was especially when it said it loved me
The feeling was never mutual so I know it is something
That is the root of this problem the root of this issue
If she can't have me she'll try to shoot me down like a missile
As I try to spread these wings to soar and fly
This is war and fighting this battle will be how I survive

Hook (2x)
You're worth nothing
You're lways fronting
You're an ugly something
Because all of your lies

See now, this is why God doesn't like ugly
Cuz now we're faced with this huge ass setback
There's relationships that need to be patched
Double the work to be done because of the way things were inapproriately handled
And who do you think has to deal with all the flack for that, we do
For trusting someone who said they were down for us when they had their own intentions
Let alone their own agenda

This is one of those times where you find out who's really there for you
So I ask you I need your help help me fight this battle for my life
This music has been and is everything to me and one person is trying to take it away
I know you won't let that happen so I ask you just to be there, be there for me
I need you


released June 29, 2015
Written By: C.T. Smith, K. Wilson & T. Jackson



all rights reserved


Foci Pasadena

It takes a unique type of individual to dedicate their entire existence to exposing their life experiences to entertain, but more importantly to educate, the masses. Such education can take shape in various forms: music, leadership, mentoring, and academics. In the case of FOCI, he combines it all. ... more

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